Nashville Skyline Painting Class – April 2016’s au pair meetup

As many of you know, I meet with my au pairs in person once a month, every month. This is a time for the au pairs to relax, socialize and get to know each other, and see/talk to me face-to-face so we can discuss their au pair year, their successes, and any challenges. Planning au pair meetings is one of my favorite things to do, because there are so many options, BUT finding something that everyone enjoys can be a challenge, with so many different preferences, budgets, and hobbies between the different au pairs.

This April, for the first time, I took the au pairs to a paint-your-own painting class, where they/we painted a beautiful picture of the Nashville city skyline at Robins Gallery in Donelson! This was a special private event for our group, led by a Nashville artist who will taught us step-by-step how to each make our paintings, which each au pair took home at the end of the class. A beautiful memory of their time in Tennessee that they can keep forever. =)

This meeting was SO popular with the au pairs, and I was blown away at what beautiful artists they are! This is definitely a meeting we will be doing again in the future! (In the first picture below, that’s me, Coordinator Amy, in the first row, all the way to the right.)


To see all the pictures I took during the event, check out my album at

Monday, 11 April 2016 7:54 PM


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