little treasures from my au pairs

i get a thrill whenever au pairs bring treats from their home countries. i have traveled to over 15 countries in the past ten years + love acquiring goodies in each location. i’m partial to anything edible, so you can imagine my happiness when Sara from Colombia handed me this after my new au pair orientation with her + her host family.

Sara must’ve known about my insane love for coffee!  i brewed a pot immediately after receiving it + chilled it to delicious iced coffee perfection.  it’s much richer + smoother than my local coffee, + it’s the perfect start to my day each morning.

Sara also gave me panelitas – bite-sized coconut caramel clusters.  i find south american caramel to be less sweet than store-bought USA caramel, more subtlly flavored + tastier. panelitas are great by themselves, but i’m also thinking about making them into some sort of delicious panelitas cupcakes.

i also received a lovely handmade bracelet with the colors of the Colombian flag + it has a prominent spot on my keychain.  muchas gracias, Sara, for your generous gifts!

Tuesday, 31 August 2010 12:03 PM


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